Kevin Scannell spent thirty-plus years in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he was exposed to two cultures in particular. Native-American and Finnish. After interviewing the historian of a local tribe for a radio show he hosted, he was so fascinated about the spiritual aspects of their culture, he interviewed the tribal historian again out of his own curiosity. It made him juxtapose his spiritual upbringing in an Irish-American culture.



"Become the Turtle" follows a Native-American man on a spiritual pilgrimage to Quaqtaq, a remote village in the far northern reaches of Quebec Province, Canada. There, Papa Hawk Sentaw meets an eccentric, Finnish-Canadian paleontologist who has proof that Finnish people were the first to arrive in North America, thus making them the true Native-Americans. This revelation would change the way history is taught in schools, and it would jeopardize the Chintami tribe's casino and entertainment empire.

Papa Hawk's granddaughter, the ambitious lead attorney for tribal matters, travels to Quaqtaq to debunk the outrageous claims. The well-educated, well-respected lawyer is thrown for a loop while dealing with the loopy residents of the tiny fishing village. And without even realizing it, Marie Sentaw is in the midst of her own spiritual pilgrimage.


"Become the Turtle" is a short novel of spirituality and comedy. Appropriate for ages 14 and up.