Cinderella meets Les Miserable

(that's if Cinderella was a dude, and Jean Valjean was a young woman)


There is great unrest on the island-nation of Fiaba, which just happens to be the Italian word for fairy tale. After successful revolutions in America and France, citizens on the poor side of the island demand change.

In an attempt to subdue the revolt, the king offers the princess's hand in marriage to a commoner.

It is just a public relations scheme to placate the poor.


Marco Palladio, aka Cinder Fella, is an 18th century slacker who charms his way into winning the

competition to marry the princess. However, Marco's true love is actually the head of the

revolutionary forces, Francesca Lombrusco. On the big royal wedding night,

as the revolutionists march on the castle, Marco must choose the crown or his heart.


The audiobook is voiced by Kevin and his daughter, who was nine at the time.

(available in both ebook and audiobook)


"Cinder Fella" is a fun, farcical fairy tale in chapter book form.

Great reading for kids and the parents who love reading with them.