I scripted, shot, edited, and rendered all of the below video...


An irreverent spot submitted for Doritos' annual contest



Though I've slowed down on producing content for my site, I'm still getting about six thousand views a month with a running total over 9 million.  This is a sample combining humor and heart.


The Edelman Marketing and PR Firm announced in the USA Today an international advertising competition involving their accounts Kraft, Expedia, Burger King and others.


19 finalists were chosen, mostly from the US. There were a few from Europe, South Africa, and Australia. We first had to create a campaign idea, and I was fortunate to be the only two-time finalist.


This was my Expedia pitch. It was 2008 before HD, and assuming we were all acting as individuals with limited time and resources, the emphasis was on concept versus production value.

The finalists were then given a 2-week window to come up with a web series concept. We had to script and produce a video pitch in that brief time.


The "3G Recipe" for Kraft would highlight recipes that have changed through three generations.

Though all of us were financially compensated, Edelman abandoned the competition as the recession took hold.


For many years, the Swallow Inn restaurant and bar hosted a big Halloween party. I took over their account and combined Swallow Inn with Halloween and renamed it "Swalloween." The owner, Trudi, said the response was so great, they kept the name for their annual party.

Bichler Gravel and Concrete was already a fixture in the business community with concrete pours, cinder blocks and gravel roads. They wanted to highlight other products, in this case,  topsoil.  So, I came up with this "Get The Dirt On Bichlers" concept which was a huge success.


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